Adobe’s new AI models can create vector graphics and design templates using text prompts

Adobe commenced its annual Adobe MAX conference, in Los Angeles, by announcing new Firefly models for commercial use and over 100 new AI features for its tools. These tools are primarily designed for creators and designers and for the first time, allow users to create vector graphics and editable design templates using text prompts. The announcements are in line with Adobe’s recent efforts to integrate generative AI with its popular tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Express and others.

Delivering the Adobe Max 2023 keynote, Shantanu Narayen – Adobe CEO – said that Adobe tools now have the power and precision to serve the exact needs of users. He said that Adobe is working to integrate these tools are now integrated with in your workflows to deliver the desired creativity. He also announced that Adobe will be releasing a record number of products this summer.

The three new Firefly models are – the Adobe Firefly Image 2 Model, Adobe Firefly Vector Model, and Adobe Firefly Design Model.

– Firefly Image 2 Model is the next generation of generative AI for imaging. It builds onto the initial beta model launched in March, which Adobe claims has been used by more than 3 billion users globally, that too in a record time. The second-generation model aims to brings more accuracy to the produced images. It will generate higher-quality images and illustration, specifically adding improvements to human features like skin, hair, eyes, hands, and body structure. Adobe says that the model will also offer better colours and improved dynamic range while providing users with greater ability to control output. The model will support text prompts in over 100 languages, along with new paid plans that include an allocation of “fast” Generative Credits.

– Firefly Vector Model is the world’s first generative AI model for vector graphics and uses Firefly capabilities to convert text to Vector Graphic in Illustrator. This model will initially be available in the beta version. Adobe says that the generated graphics using this model will be editable, compact and organised into groups, enabling easy editability and reuse.

– Firefly Design Model brings text to template capability to the Adobe Express. This new model will allow users to generate fully editable design templates using text prompts. These templates will be generated by combing Firefly Image Model, Adobe Stock and Adobe Fonts. They will be available in all popular aspect ratios and can be used for print, social and web advertising.

“Today, generative AI represents the next frontier for businesses to build personalized customer experiences at scale without building more complexity into their operations,” said Prativa Mohapatra, Vice President & Managing Director, Adobe India. He added that the new tools announced at Adobe Max will enable businesses and consumers alike to become productive by generating content experiences that are on-point, personal, scalable and safe for commercial use.

Adobe is also working with other brands to reduce the costs of running these models. It is working with companies like Nvidia and Mattel to bring further improvements to these models and make them more accessible.

“Adobe’s creative tools continue to play an important part in our design processes at Mattel, including on beloved brands like Barbie and Hot Wheels. Adobe Firefly has enhanced our workflows with trusted capabilities, driving inspiration and productivity from ideation to execution,” said Chris Down, executive vice president and chief design officer at Mattel.”

Along with these models, the company has also released 100 new features across Creative Cloud applications including new Firefly-powered features and web-based workflows in Illustrator and Photoshop, new AI-powered editing capability in Lightroom and a new AI-first Generative Fill.

Published On:

Oct 11, 2023


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