Bengaluru man morphed, posted live-in partner’s explicit photos on social media

A 26-year-old man from Bengaluru has been arrested for manipulating and altering his girlfriend’s photos to create explicit images and posting them on social media.

Both Sanjay and his girlfriend, who hail from Tamil Nadu’s Vellore, were in a live-in relationship and were residing in Bengaluru. They have known each other since class 10 and pursued a B Planning course together. Their families were aware of their relationship and had made arrangements for their wedding.

In 2021, a morphed photo of the woman appeared on Instagram, which she reported, and it was subsequently removed. Another explicit image was shared on social media in June 2023.

As these photos gained attention, both Sanjay and the woman filed a complaint at the police station. The police registered a case under section 420 of the IPC for cheating and other sections of the Information Technology Act.

During the investigation, it was revealed Sanjay was behind the morphed photos that appeared on social media platforms like Instagram and Telegram. He had been using a BOT app to manipulate the photos. He also shared these photos with 12 other individuals who were part of a Telegram group, where they exchanged explicit photos of their girlfriends, relatives, and friends.

The investigation has uncovered that hundreds of photos of young women were shared in this manner. The police have arrested the accused and an investigation is still underway.

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Vadapalli Nithin Kumar

Published On:

Oct 12, 2023


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Image Credit / Source: News Wire