BJP and Annamalai have no right to talk about corruption, says Singai G. Ramachandran



Singai G. Ramachandran, the AIADMK candidate for Coimbatore Parliamentary elections for 2024.

Singai G. Ramachandran, the AIADMK candidate for Coimbatore Parliamentary elections for 2024.
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The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate for Coimbatore, Annamalai, and the BJP have no right to talk about corruption, said Singai G. Ramachandran, the AIADMK Coimbatore candidate for the Lok Sabha elections.

The BJP received almost ₹6,000 crores and the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) ₹600 crores through electoral bonds. Mr. Annamalai had said after the Karur elections that he had gone bankrupt. Where are the funds coming for all the security, office and lifestyle that he has now, Mr. Ramachandran asked.

“I do not want to talk about personal matters. But, I heard that his brother-in-law had one quarry three years ago and has five now. Why does Annamalai not talk about G Square or sand mafia ?” he asked.

As a son of the soil, a person who joined politics 18 years ago, and has worked hard for the last eight years to be named as a candidate for the elections, “I am here for a purpose. What is very important is the intention. I want my city to grow and develop. It should become a startup hub, it should generate jobs,” he told The Hindu.

“My father, who was the Singanallur MLA, is my inspiration and my mother is my hero. I lost my father when I was 11. I was raised by a single mother. If Annamalai is a gentleman, he should apologise for talking ill of my father who passed away several years ago. The people of Singanallur, the AIADMK cadre and my family are hurt by his remarks,” he said later at a press meet when asked about Mr. Annamalai’s allegation that Mr. Ramachandran got admission in PSG College of Technology because of the MLA quota.

Mr. Annamalai should talk about constructive politics and about development of Coimbatore. The DMK and the BJP are the same as they have not done anything for Coimbatore. The DMK candidate has no subject to approach the people with as its councillors have done nothing for the people of Coimbatore in the last three years. But, the AIADMK has brought development for Coimbatore.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi garlanded the picture of bomb blast victims after his road show here. What is the image that the BJP is trying to create of Coimbatore ? Will this bring investments to Coimbatore?, he asked.

Mr. Ramachandran said the real fight in Coimbatore is between the AIADMK and the DMK.


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