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An Acharya teaches and helps his disciples to lead a disciplined life. The guru teaches only to the deserving because it is said if he teaches to an undeserving, the teacher will incur the sins committed by the disciples (sishya papam gurorapi). Smt. Padma Ranganathan said in a discourse that the preceptors, by their inherent grace, come forward to help sishyas. As a cowherd, Lord Krishna milked the nectar from the cows like Upanishads and gave the Bhagavad Gita milk to Arjuna. The pure-minded are the drinkers of it. Treading the path shown by Gurus will free people from problems. Sri Vedantha Desika says in “Nigamanaadhikaram” of his work “Rahasyatrayasara” that the paths shown by Acharyas will be clear like a street being cleaned off the weeds, thorns and stones.

 A verse in “Swetaswatara” Upanishad says that with the blessings of an Acharya, a disciple learns what is taught and also comes to know many more through Guru bhakti.  In the “Maalavikagni Mithram” story, the danseuse Malavika not only exhibited the bhavas taught by her teacher but also displayed other expressions owing to her Guru bhakti.

Lord Krishna says (vedaischa sarvai: ahameva vedya:) in the Gita that all the Vedas praise Him. Sri Andal prays on our behalf to that Lord — the supreme most of the universe (periaai) — that people are in the sea of samsara and pleads to retrieve and liberate them (Thuilezhaai).

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