Chhavi Mittal replies to Instagram user who criticised her health, lifestyle

Chhavi Mittal, who has been an inspiration for many after her cancer battle, recently shut down a troll. The actress got emotional and teary-eyed after she shared her thoughts on fracture due to the ripple effect of cancer. After the video went viral, her fans were quick to share their thoughts on the same. While some suggested her rest and proper diet, there was one user who questioned her ‘extra’ dieting and exercise.


Chhavi Mittal, who is known for fighting back cancer, recently gave a sharp reply to an Instagram user who was quick to pass a judgment against the actress. The Instagram user had commented below Chhavi’s video on the photo and video sharing app while giving her judgments. “This is happen when we do extra dieting and exercising just to get slim body … with age our body need to stay relax a bit and we worth relaxation after doing hard work doing household giving births to babies and taking care of each and everything … i have bone issues also just a friendly and sincerely advise do less exercise add some healthy oils in your diet like olive oil desi ghee etc and eat homemade panjeeri may Allah swt bless you with speedy recovery and good health (sic) the user wrote.


The actress shared the screenshot of the comment on Instagram and penned a lengthy reply while requesting people not to judge public figures instantly. In her response, Mittal also explained the reason behind fractures. “This comment on my recent post where I break down coz of the stress fracture which I got coz I was “standing” and doing nothing else has been on my mind. Lady is quick to pass judgment on my “lack of eating “ coz she “assumes” that I’m thin coz I must be starving. Then she goes on to give her expert opinion on how weight training is bad (I must’ve got my fracture coz I train with weights). Then she comments on my age. I took the liberty of checking her dp, and I’m passing the judgment back on her that she looks around 30 ( I’m 43) so obviously I must know a thing or 2 about aging. And then the horrific comment that since we bear children and do household work we shouldn’t do additional physical activities and should “relax”

She further detailed the reasons and wrote, “I would love to hear your thoughts on this judgmental comment on my entire life, but before that here are my 2 cents.
1. I’m thin coz I work hard, not coz I starve. Also, I’m on a bulking diet which is surplus in calories to compensate my level of activity. Also, big surprise.. thin is no longer “in”.
2. Weight training is known to INCREASE bone density. My bone health is a side effect of my cancer treatment. If it wasn’t for my physical fitness I would be on the bed rn.
3. Women are not merely child bearers. We are made for a lot more things which are equally great.
4. With age, it is not only important but mandatory to increase muscle mass so u can “protect” your bones and overall health better.
5. Lastly, thank you for a detailed breakdown of my health issues. May I say it’s high time we stopped being so quick to judge public figures just coz they’re public figures? I would love to hear the thoughts of everyone who actually has some knowledge about physical fitness (sic).”


Chhavi Mittal, known for her versatile roles in television shows, recently made a shocking revelation. The actress who emerged victoriously from breast cancer last year, has been diagnosed with costochondritis. In an interaction with TOI, Mittal gave a brief about the disease and said that ‘it is not a very serious condition.’

“It doesn’t have any cure. It’s an injury to a cartilage in the chest due to which breathing becomes painful. It happens due to multiple reasons and lasts for weeks.” “One can only wait till it heals on its own. The probable causes could be radiation from the cancer treatment I took, a side-effect of the injection I took for osteopenia, or could be due to an incessant cough, which I had a few days ago,” she added.

Get well soon Chhavi Mittal.

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Oct 15, 2023


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