Communal violence in Rajasthan village leaves 1 dead, 12 injured



Injuries have been reported to 12 people in an incident of communal violence on Tuesday night. The incident happened during a religious procession at Pahuna village in Rajasthan’s Chittorgarh district. Police have arrested 18 people for stone pelting in front of a place of worship.

The dispute began when people objected to the noise being created by the procession, which was accompanied by drums, while prayers were underway inside the place of worship. Following an altercation, the two sides hurled stones at each other, leading to injuries.

Chittorgarh Collector Alok Ranjan said those injured were given primary medical aid, but a 55-year-old shopkeeper from the area, who had a heart attack during a scuffle, died while being taken to hospital. The deceased was identified as Shyam Lal Chhipa. Two of the injured were referred to Bhilwara for further treatment.

A large police force, including Rajasthan Armed Constabulary (RAC) personnel, was deployed in the area, and the situation in the village was stated to be normal on Wednesday. Police were conducting raids to arrest more miscreants in connection with the violence.

The religious procession is customary and held every year in Pahuna, but its size and the people participating have changed. The village falls under the jurisdiction of the Rashmi police station in the Rashmi sub-division of Chittorgarh district.


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