Congress leverages Telangana, Karnataka as electoral models



In the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections, the Congress seems to have chosen Telangana and Karnataka as pivotal states for its nationwide campaign, aiming for optimal electoral success. According to party sources, it is apparent that the party has formulated an extensive manifesto named ‘Paanch Nyay’ (Five Justice), tailored to resonate with key voter demographics including women, farmers, and youth. The party think-tank is of the opinion that there is a positive response to ongoing welfare initiatives in Telangana.

Notably, the Mahalakshmi Scheme, aimed at empowering women, has received widespread acclaim and serves as a cornerstone of Congress’s electoral strategy, according to party leaders. Their confidence is bolstered by the perceived successful implementation of several promises after coming to power in Telangana.

Expanding its appeal beyond regional boundaries, Congress’s manifesto has garnered significant attention nationwide, according to political analysts. It pledges to provide substantial support to economically disadvantaged women, along with promises of gender parity in central government jobs, which appear to have resonated effectively with female voters, claim Congress leaders.

Furthermore, Congress’ decision to address caste dynamics by enumerating the Backward Classes (BC) population may help the party gain support from marginalised communities, especially given the prevalence of community-based politics. By reaffirming commitment to schemes such as the SC and ST sub-plan and forest land rights for tribal communities, Congress aims to consolidate its support base among these segments of society.

Moreover, the party’s proposals to establish a ‘permanent farmers loan waiver commission’ and expedite insurance compensation for crop losses are aimed at garnering support from the farming community. In the realm of employment, it is said that the Congress’ stance in extending the employment guarantee scheme to urban areas, addressing the issue of unemployment beyond rural settings, will help the party win more seats, as this move is perceived as a strategic manoeuvre to broaden the party’s appeal among urban voters, as indicated in early polling trends.


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