Cybersecurity policy to be implemented in Karnataka soon


Image used for representative purpose only

Image used for representative purpose only
| Photo Credit: Reuters

Home Minister G. Parameshwara said that the cybersecurity policy will be implemented in Karnataka shortly, and that the state government will seek help from companies that are working in the area of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and cloud computing, among others, to prevent cybercrimes.

Speaking at the Cybercrime Investigation Convention, the Home Minister said that Karnataka was ahead of many other States in cybersecurity policy, and that it would be implemented soon. “Since a huge number of digital transactions are taking place, it is important to to be aware of cyber threats and safety. It is important to safeguard our data.” As cases of deep fake, illegal financial transactions, online banking frauds, and loan app frauds increase, it is difficult to investigate without the assistance of some foreign countries, he added.

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