Ex-judge appointed chief of panel dealing with police misconduct complaints

Delhi Lieutenant Governor (LG) VK Saxena on Sunday approved the appointment of former Delhi High Court judge, Justice Poonam A Bamba, as the chairperson of the Police Complaints Authority (PCA), a body that deals with complaints of serious misconduct against police personnel.

The name of Justice Bamba, who retired on August 31, was forwarded as chairperson of the PCA on the direction of the Chief Justice of Delhi High Court. She will take over as chairperson for three years from Justice PS Teji (retd) whose tenure ended on August 13.

The PCA can either take up a case “suo motu” or on a complaint received from a victim or any person on his/her behalf on a sworn affidavit, the National Human Rights Commission, LG, Chief Secretary or Principal Secretary, Home, of the Delhi government.

The panel will not entertain anonymous or pseudonymous complaints.

In PCA’s definition of serious misconduct, it incorporates acts such as death, grievous hurt or rape or attempt to rape in police custody, arrest or detention without due process of law, as well as acts of extortion, land grabbing and other acts involving serious abuse of authority.

The PCA was established in 2018 and is headed by a chairperson and includes three members, with at least one position being reserved for a woman. The body’s primary objective is to uphold justice, transparency and accountability in the Delhi Police force.

The tenure for a chairperson and members lasts three years, with the upper age limit fixed at 65 years. However, the chairperson can continue beyond the age limit to complete the tenure, subject to the approval of the LG.

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Prateek Chakraborty

Published On:

Oct 16, 2023


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