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Fact Check: 2016 Syrian missile attack FALSELY shared as Hamas striking Israeli troops

A video allegedly showing a missile attack on a large number of Israeli troops, has been widely shared on social media. Sharing the video on Twitter one person wrote, “Hamas destroyed Israeli soldiers clustered near Gaza with a single missile.” An archived version of one such tweet can be seen here.

India Today Fact Check found that the video dates back to 2016 and shows an incident from Syria.

Our Probe

A reverse search of keyframes from the viral clip led us to a report containing screenshots from the video in question. It stated that this incident unfolded on August 5, 2016, at the Aviation Technical Academy in Aleppo, Syria.

Using keywords in Arabic, we then found an extended version of the clip, shared back in August 2016, by a journalist based in Aleppo. The caption in Arabic, loosely translated into English, read: “Two groups of Assad forces were targeted in the vicinity of the Air College with two guided missiles.”

We found several media reports about this incident. On August 6, 2016, Al Arabiya reported that Syrian opposition forces took control of the Ramouseh neighborhood in Aleppo, including the Air Technical School. Opposition forces reportedly used artillery during violent attacks on the Syrian armed forces.

An Al Jazeera report containing the viral video stated that the violent battle in the region cut off the only route for sending supplies to the city of Aleppo. Moreover, aircraft were used to drop missiles and bombs on the military college complex and its surrounding area.

A video report by Orient News carried multiple clips from the area, including the one going viral. The wall visible in the viral clip could also be spotted in one of the ground reporting videos shared by its YouTube channel.

Thus, it is more than clear that this is a 2016 video of a missile attack in Syria and has no links to the ongoing Israel-Palestine war.

(Written by Sanjana Saxena)

Edited By:

Sudeep Lavania

Published On:

Oct 15, 2023


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