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‘Hamas committed unthinkable massacre’, says ex-Israeli peace negotiator

Daniel Taub, a former Israeli peace negotiator, spoke about the ongoing Israel-Hamas war and stated that all Israelis were united to deal with the threats posed by Hamas, the group which controls the Gaza Strip.

In an exclusive interview with India Today’s Foreign Affairs Editor Geeta Mohan, Taub said Israel had earlier controlled the Gaza Strip but had pulled out for the betterment of Palestinians.

“Tragically for both Israel and Palestine, Hamas took over and the people of Gaza have suffered terribly. Hamas has abused them in every possible way,” said Taub.

Speaking about the war crimes committed by Hamas, Taub said over 1,200 people, including women, children, elderly, had attended the music festival and were abused by the members of the terror group.

“Hamas have taken away aid and used it for building their terror infrastructure. We are absolutely united to deal with the threats in the hands of these despicable terrorists who won’t be allowed to succeed,” the Israeli diplomat said. Tune in to listen to the entire interview.


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Image Credit / Source: News Wire