Jagga Reddy suggests CM Revanth to deal with Opposition parties politically 



Congress senior leader and former MLA T Jayaprakash Reddy aka Jagga Reddy expressed his thoughts to Chief Minister Revanth Reddy, emphasizing the importance of ensuring a successful five-year tenure and the next five years.

During an informal exchange with Revanth Reddy at the Gandhi Bhavan here on Monday, Jagga Reddy urged him to take measures that would secure their political position for the upcoming five years. Reflecting on the K Chandrashekhar Rao’s regime, he remarked that the rights of the people had been supressed during that period.

Highlighting the perceived freedom under the Congress government, Jagga Reddy asserted that it was this sense of liberty that led the people of Telangana to empower the party to form the government. Drawing attention to the role of Sonia Gandhi, he commended the implementation of two out of the six guarantees promised during the election campaign, expressing confidence that the Chief Minister would deliver on the remaining four soon.

Jagga Reddy also drew parallels between the political strategies of the BJP and the BRS, emphasising the need to address them through political means. He conveyed the sentiment that the majority of Telangana’s people desire a political approach to dealing with the challenges posed by Opposition parties.

He, further, underscored the importance of political acumen in handling the diverse political landscape of Telangana, suggesting that the Chief Minister should navigate the political strategies of their opponents using strategic and diplomatic approaches.

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