Karnataka Will Safeguard Medical Students’ Interests


The Karnataka Health Minister, Mr. H. Siddaveerappa, assured both Houses of Karnataka Legislature today that the Government would take all steps to safeguard the interests of students in medical colleges in the State.

Mr. Siddaveerappa who was making a statement on the reported decision of the Indian Medical Association (IMC) on derecognition of half a dozen medical colleges in the State asked the students in those colleges and their parents not to get agitated by the reports. Urging members to join hands with him the Minister declared that the interests of the State and medical education were paramount.

The members expressed concern over the reported decision of the IMC.

Many members irrespective of the party affiliation asked what the Government intended to do and also stressed the “Undesirable” effect the reported decision would have on young minds and also on the reputation of the medical education in the State.

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