‘Let festive rhythms…’: PM Modi shares garba penned by him on Navratri

Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared a ‘garba’ penned by him as the Navratri began on Sunday and greeted people on the auspicious occasion, wishing them happiness and prosperity.

“As the auspicious Navratri dawns upon us, I am delighted to share a Garba penned by me during the past week. Let the festive rhythms embrace everyone! I thank @MeetBros, Divya Kumar for giving voice and music to this Garba,” he said on X, sharing the YouTube link of the video.

Garba dances are performed during Navratri, especially in Gujarat.

Wishing people, he said, “May mother Durga, who gives strength, brings to everyone’s life happiness, prosperity, good fortune and good health,” he said on X.

Navratri is marked with festivity and religious practices. It is celebrated across the country and is followed by the festival of Dussehra.

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Manisha Pandey

Published On:

Oct 15, 2023


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Image Credit / Source: News Wire