Lok Sabha polls: Yediyurappa did to me what Dhronacharya did to Ekalavya, alleges Madhuswamy


J.C. Madhuswamy

J.C. Madhuswamy
| Photo Credit: File photo

BJP veteran leader B.S. Yediyurappa on Friday faced the anger of his protege J.C. Madhuswamy, who has been disappointed over not getting ticket to contest for Tumakuru Lok Sabha seat. 

“I trusted Yediyurappa as my leader. But he sacrificed me like how Dhronacharya sacrificed Ekalavya,” remarked Mr. Madhuswamy, while accusing him of not fighting to get him the party ticket. 

Mr. Madhuswamy made it clear that he would not support BJP nominee V. Somanna from Tumakuru, but said: “Staying in the BJP is not safe. Going to the Congress too is not safe either. As of now, I have not thought of quitting the BJP. The party has not done any harm to me.” He said he was holding a meeting with his supporters to decide his political move. 

“I had followed Mr. Yediyurappa to KJP when he had quit the BJP earlier. I did not even question him then about his moves. Then, I followed him when he returned to the BJP. But this is what happened to me for trusting him completely,” Mr. Madhuswamy alleged. 

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