London & Partners willing to help companies from India set foot on London


London & Partners, a U.K. government agency, has urged businesses in Coimbatore to explore setting shop in London.

Hemin Bharucha, its director for India, told the media in Coimbatore recently, that the agency facilitates aspiring companies in India to not only start operations in London, but also supports them find properties and people there.

A lot of companies from Coimbatore, Chennai and Madurai are showing interest in taking their business to London. A delegation comprising of London-based VFX companies will visit India soon and visit Chennai too.

So far, over 900 Indian companies have entered U.K., and more than 400 are headquartered in London. London & Partners supports almost 40 companies annually to start operations in London. And, for the last two years, India is the largest investor in London, he said.

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