Man undergoes pin-hole procedure to treat a narrowed blood vessel supplying his right brain


A 42-year-old man, who was diagnosed with critical narrowing (stenosis) of the intracranial segment of the blood vessel supplying his right brain due to atherosclerotic disease, underwent a pin-hole procedure at a private hospital.

The patient had frequent episodes of giddiness and inability to move his left hand, and sought treatment at Vanchilingam Advanced Neurology and Stroke (VANS), here. Upon evaluation, the doctors decided that he needed a stent placement in the critically narrowed segment of the artery.

Neurointervention procedures through the wrist route enabled fast recovery and enhanced safety for the patient, according to a press release. The procedure was carried out through a pin-hole on his wrist, with the patient being fully conscious.

Somesh Vanchilingam, Director of Stroke, VANS, said it was imperative that people realised the importance of seeking immediate medical attention whenever a patient experiences recurrent mini-stroke or transient ischemic attacks.

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