Minister launches sports events for 1.2 lakh students of Chennai Schools


Municipal Administration and Water Supply Minister K.N.Nehru on Thursday launched sports events for 1.2 lakh students of Chennai Schools. 

Speaking at the event, Mr.Nehru said various initiatives have been taken to help students achieve accolades at the international sports events. “Students will get an opportunity to work in various countries. Chennai Schools will be proud of the students who achieve great heights. Students should not forget their teachers and must become role models for other students when they return to India,” he said.

At the event, 17 students of Greater Chennai Corporation schools who reached national-level in sports were given awards. Of the 1.2 lakh students, 64,864 students from primary and middle schools participated in the sports events. The students of high and higher secondary schools were given 5,340 prizes. Over 400 students from kindergarten received prizes worth ₹90,000. Finals for athletics were held for 940 students. Mayor R.Priya and Commissioner J.Radhakrishnan participated. 

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