Reconstructed documents in Abhimanyu murder case to be provided to court next week



The reconstructed documents in the Abhimanyu murder case will be provided to the Ernakulam District and Sessions Court and the defence side next week.

The prosecution has reconstructed copies of the 13 missing documents in the case, including the post-mortem certificate and chargesheet. The copies generated from the documents in possession of the prosecution will be provided to the court as well as the defence side on March 18, the day on which the court has posted the case.

Lawyers will be provided an opportunity to compare the reconstructed documents with the copies earlier supplied to them, said prosecution authorities.

The Kerala High Court recently ordered reconstruction of the documents after the district court reported that the papers had been lost irretrievably.

The Hindu had reported that the documents related to three cases, including the Abhimanyu murder case, had been lost from the court.

The missing of documents had created an uproar with leaders of political parties, including the Communist Party of India (Marxist), Bharatiya Janata Party, and the Congress, and relatives of the slain Students Federation of India leader demanding an inquiry. There were also allegations that the documents were destroyed as part of attempts to derail the trial in the case, in which a few activists of the now-proscribed Popular Front of India and the Campus Front of India had been arraigned as accused.

Abhimanyu, an SFI leader at Ernakulam Maharaja’s College, was murdered on July 2, 2018.

Prosecution sources allayed concerns that the disappearance of the documents would hit the trial. The reconstructed documents were as good as the original regarding their evidentiary value. The photocopies, which are the reconstructed copies, were legally admissible documents. The law permitted reconstruction of the case documents that had been lost irretrievably, they said.

Meanwhile, the Young Lawyers Committee of the All India Lawyers Union, Ernakulam Committee, approached the Registrar (District Judiciary) of the Kerala High Court seeking action against those responsible for the disappearance of the documents. It also demanded steps for beginning the trial in the case in which the chargesheet was filed in 2018, according to Muhammad Ibrahim, the convener.


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