Spotify restricts free features for Indian users, here is what is different

Spotify is a popular music streaming service in India and has a lot of users across the country. The streaming service is available for free, and also has a premium subscription option. Premium Spotify subscribers enjoy an ad-free experience, listen to music offline, and more. However, the company is now encouraging more and more premium subscriptions and has restricted several key features for free accounts.

Spotify restricts free features

A report by TechCrunch states that Spotify free users in India will no longer be able to play songs in a specific order, repeat songs, or tap back to their previous songs. These features will only be available to premium users. As for free accounts, they can still listen to their favourite artists, albums, playlists and get song recommendations.

As per the report, the company further says that it is making changes to the free tier since the market has now matured. Spotify has been offering these features for free since its launch in India in 2019, but it says that it is now time to start charging for them in order to continue to invest in its platform and offer a great experience for all users.

In addition to this, Spotify has also launched a new feature called Smart Shuffle. The feature automatically suggests songs based on your taste and the song or playlist you are currently listening to. Smart Shuffle was first launched for subscribers in March, and is now available to all users in India.

Spotify revamped its Podcast division

Earlier this year, Spotify announced revamping its Podcast division by making some structural changes. The company culled 200 job roles and roughly 2 per cent of Spotify’s global workforce was impacted by the decision. Before this, in January this year, the company had announced firing 600 employees owing to “macroeconomic conditions.”

Announcing the decision to let go of 200 people in June, Sahar Elhabashi, VP and head of Spotify’s podcast business, said in a blog post that “news like this is never easy” and the company promises “the utmost empathy and respect” during the process. Impacted employees started receiving invites for one-on-one chats with HR, the post claimed. It added that the music streaming company “will support these individuals with generous severance packages, including extended healthcare coverage and immediate access to outplacement support.”

Spotify is not the only company to lay off people earlier this year. Tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce and Google, among others, also announced mass layoffs.

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Divyanshi Sharma

Published On:

Oct 12, 2023


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