Suicide of assistant prosecutor: Director General of Prosecution orders fact-finding inquiry


Director General of Prosecution T.A. Shaji has ordered a fact-finding inquiry into the suicide of Aneeshya S., Assistant Public Prosecutor, Munsiff Magistrate Court, Paravur, in Kollam in the wake of allegations that she had faced mental harassment from higher-ups.

In his order, Mr. Shaji said that he had examined certain audio clips and news reports obtained from various WhatsApp groups on the incident. Therefore, it was essential to make a fact-finding inquiry as to whether the unfortunate incident has any connection with the discharge of her official duties as an Assistant Public Prosecutor and whether there was any sort of ill-treatment from her colleagues or official superiors.

Sheeba K., Deputy Director of Prosecution, Headquarters, Ernakulam, has been asked to inquire into the matter and to file a report within two weeks. A case has been registered under Section 174 of the Criminal Procedure Code in connection with the incident and the investigation is progressing. The DGP, therefore, ordered that the fact-finding inquiry be conducted without causing any prejudice to the investigation being conducted by the police.

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