Swiggy delivery agent helps Bengaluru man who ran out of fuel. Internet applauds him

Shravan Tickoo found himself stranded on a deserted road in Bengaluru late at night. He had been returning from a friend’s house in Koramangala to his home on Sarjapur Road when his motorcycle abruptly stopped. It was around midnight and his bike had run out of fuel. With no one in sight and the nearest petrol station 2.5 kilometers away, he began the arduous task of dragging his bike.

Out of nowhere, a Swiggy delivery agent appeared and offered his assistance. Despite being on his way to make a delivery, the agent insisted on helping Tickoo. He used his own motorcycle, a Splendor, to tow Tickoo’s bike towards the petrol station. However, upon reaching the station, they discovered it was closed.

Undeterred, Tickoo suggested towing his bike to the next petrol station, which was another 3 kilometers away. In gratitude for the agent’s help, Tickoo offered him Rs 500. The agent, however, declined the money. He explained that just as he was helping Tickoo today, he might need someone else’s help tomorrow.

The agent then proceeded to drop Tickoo at the next petrol station, which was fortunately open. Once again, Tickoo offered the agent Rs 500 as a token of appreciation. But the agent refused the money, reiterating his belief in the cycle of help and kindness.

This act of selflessness deeply moved Tickoo. He realised that despite the chaos and hardship, kindness still thrived in the hearts of Bengaluru residents. Amidst the exhaustion and stress, he asked for the agent’s name but forgot to note it down.

Tickoo shared this heartwarming encounter on X. His post quickly went viral, garnering over 11,000 views and numerous comments. One user remarked, “The efforts of these people, who are always willing to go above and beyond for no apparent reason, are all that keep the world beautiful.”

“This is truly amazing behaviour. Going out of the way to help is genuine help and kudos to him! Let this be a learning for others also to offer help when needed. Best part of his behaviour is his remark,” another user wrote.

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Published On:

Oct 23, 2023


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