Tangedco revises charges collected for solar rooftop meters for domestic consumers


Representative image. File

Representative image. File
| Photo Credit: M. Periasamy

The Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (Tangedco) has revised the charges collected from Low Tension consumers (domestic consumers) for three phase meters for solar rooftop installations.

In a circular dated May 18, 2024, the Tangedco said that based on the directions of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission (TNERC), the charges to be collected from consumers who apply for bi-directional meters for solar rooftop systems in Low Tension (LT) services is ₹5,011 and for single phase LT connections, it is ₹2,764.

The Tangedco was collecting ₹10,588 from three phase LT consumers so far. The meter charges have been reduced from ₹6,783 to ₹2,610 and it will not collect testing fees any more.

The circular also said that in the case of services that have bi-directional meters or programmable bi-directional meters, the charges paid by consumers for the meters cost should be refunded after effecting the solar connection.

In a Right to Information (RTI) reply last month to Coimbatore Consumer Cause, the TNERC said only the registration fees and bi-direction meter cost is to be collected and this is only in places where the conventional meter should be replaced with bi-directional meter supplied by Tangedco.

Following this the consumer organisation had appraoched the TNERC about the higher amount collected by Tangedco.


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