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‘They will pay for this massacre’: ‘Fauda’ actor on Hamas attack in Israel

As the Israel-Hamas war entered its ninth day on Monday, India Today TV spoke to Israeli actor Rona-Lee Shimon, who plays ‘Nurit’ in the popular web series ‘Fauda’. Speaking about the situation in her country, the terror attacks and hostage crisis. Shimon said that the last 10 days have been one of the “most terrible days” she has ever encountered in her life.

“Hopefully, it will never happen again,” Shimon told India Today TV.

Talking about ‘Fauda’, Shimon said that while it was merely a web series wherein at the end everyone dropped their guns and removed their makeup to go home, what happened on October 7 in Israel has “changed people’s lives forever”.

“The massacre that was done by Hamas terrorists will never be forgotten and never be forgiven. This is what we are living [for the] past 10 days,” she told India Today TV.

‘Fauda’ shows the journey of a commander in the counter-terrorism unit of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) as they pursue a terrorist group. Some seasons of the show were shot during the 2014 Gaza War and even in the Gaza Strip, which is currently under heavy fighting between Israel and the Hamas terrorist group.

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When asked about her web series and how it also shows attacks by Hezbollah and Hamas, Shimon was quick to clarify that real life is different from reel. The ‘Fauda’ actor said that what Hamas terrorists did to Israel was not “war” but infiltration. “They infiltrated the homes of people at six in the morning, kidnapped them from their home, raped them, beheaded babies, cut pregnant woman’s belly and cut the foetus from outside of her body, burnt it alive and then burnt her,” she said.

She further said that no one in their right mind could write such atrocities – hinting at drawing similarities with the hit show – and added that no one could comprehend what had happened to the Israelis. Claiming that some people are saying the Israel situation is fake, Shimon said that she understands their perception because no one in their right mind can be so “sick” and do such “evil acts” to other human beings.

“The world needs to understand this is a whole new breed of war crime,” the ‘Fauda’ actor said, adding that this is a “whole new level of evil that humanity had known in the modern world”.

The actor refused to comment on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s “will wipe Hamas off the face of Earth” remark, arguing that she is not the head of state and only a citizen who deeply cares for her country. Shimon further said that at this moment, the most important task that the world should focus on is to bring back the hostages from Hamas, which also include people from 36 different countries.

When asked if Israel has overdone its “self-defence” in Gaza by cutting off emergency supplies to residents in the region, who have nothing to do with Hamas, Shimon said that going out of proportion is against “Jewish morality”. She said that Israeli soldiers could never go to enemy territory and rape women in the “most horrid” manner, kidnap babies from their cribs to 85-year-old Holocaust survivors.

Talking about Israelis from across the globe going back to the strife-torn country to join the frontline, the ‘Fauda’ actor said that the biggest strength of Jews is in their “unity”. “There was no question that when this happened, our family from all over the world would come and join us in our fight to defend Israel,” Shimon told India Today TV.

On Hamas terrorists crashing down on a music festival near the Gaza border and attacking attendees who were unarmed, Shimon said that they came with the sole intention of “hurting, humiliating, raping and butchering” people and that the “joy and pride” in their faces in the surfaced videos prove that. “That’s what they are going to pay for. Israel will win,” she added.

Speaking about her definition of victory, Shimon said that she wants all hostages to be back at their homes, and Hamas terrorist group eliminated.

The actor said the amount of financial aid that Hamas had received from the United Nations, the US and even from Israel in 18 years, the group could have utilised it to make the Gaza Strip a “place of heaven”. “All they (Hamas) did was create machines to kill everyone who does not like them,” she added.

The Israeli actor further likened the Islamic State to the Hamas terrorist group, saying that the way America eliminated Isis, Israel would do the same to Hamas.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has so far killed nearly 4,000 people on both sides. Israel is preparing for a ground invasion into the Gaza Strip for which they have asked residents of the region to evacuate to the south. Meanwhile, the emergency supplies in the Strip were restored by Israel on Sunday even though hospitals grapple with fuel deficiency to keep running.

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Oct 16, 2023


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