Tripura Bar Council to launch drive to identify fake lawyers


Image used for representative purpose only

Image used for representative purpose only
| Photo Credit: ANI

The Bar Council of Tripura has announced plans to conduct a survey in order to identify and remove fake lawyers from the State. A senior council member on Friday said that they have reached out to all bar associations in the State requesting a list of advocates, who claimed to have obtained their law degree after 1990.

The decision was announced amid concerns that some individuals may have obtained their degree through corrupt means and falsely enrolled in the Bar Associations. The deadline for submitting the list is April 15, after which a verification process will be carried out.

This is not the first time the Bar Council of Tripura has taken action against fake lawyers. But previous efforts were unsuccessful in completing the identification process.

Another official from the bar council has stated that once the fake lawyers are identified, they will be removed from the Roll of the Bar Council and face consequences under the Advocates Act of 1961.

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