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Video: Hamas terrorist recording attack on Israelis captures his own death

A Hamas terrorist, who was filming the attack in Kibbutz Sufa in southern Israel, managed to capture his own death.

The video is from the morning of October 7, when the Hamas terrorists launched a surprise attack on Israel and infiltrated the nation, as per a report by the Times of Israel.

In the video, which has gone viral on social media platforms, the Hamas terrorist is filming a neighbourhood with the help of a GoPro camera, while another terrorist is seen walking in the front. Both Hamas terrorists appear to be scanning the Israeli neighbourhood. Gun shots can be heard in the background.

As the Hamas terrorist was recording the video, he falls to the ground, groaning in pain. Soon after, multiple gun shots can be heard.

The terrorist was shot by an Israeli soldier or local security officer, as per the Times of Israel. The entire sequence of event was captured on the camera.


On October 7, Hamas launched an unprecedented attack on Israel by land, air and sea. Israel responded by launching a counteroffensive on the Hamas terrorists in Gaza through airstrikes.

The bloody war has claimed the lives of over 1,200 people in Israel and over 1,400 people in Gaza and injured thousands.

The Israeli military announced that it has prepared for a “coordinated” attack on the Gaza Strip, involving air, ground, and naval forces. In a statement, the military said it was “preparing to implement a wide range of offensive operative plans”. Israel is reportedly planning to send 10,000 troops to capture Gaza City.

Earlier, Israel had asked 1.1 million residents in northern Gaza to leave and move towards the southern part, a move which has drawn widespread condemnation from the Middle Eastern countries and international organisations, including the UN.

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Oct 16, 2023

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